Thursday, March 13, 2008

RE: Precious Metals and Energy Hedge Funds


I am writing this today, Thursday, 2008, 13 March as the price of Gold (Au) touches 1,000 USD /oz. for first time in history.

And this week you could have made 10,000 USD very quickly by purchasing on Sunday/Monday at 975 USD /oz and selling today, Thursday, at 1,000 USD /oz. Short-term trades are a very good way to generate liquidity (i.e. "precipitation" of capital) when combined with Long-term trades (investments). There is no reason not to be profiting on multiple "avenues" simultaneously.

At this time we are actively seeking serious investors for investing in SECURE, SAFE, CONSERVATIVE, YET HIGH YIELD Investment Programs, each portfolio is custom-made, and custom-developed (unique for that client), hedge(d) capital investment portfolio.

These "special opportunities" to establish and develop profitable and growing Precious Metals and/or Energy Hedge(d) Funds are time-limited, and for serious and capable investors only.

Minimum investment capital per client: 1,000,000 (One Million U.S. Dollars). The more you invest, the more diversified (and profitable!) we can make your Hedge(d) Portfolio. And all depends upon how soon you invest. Timing is very important in investment, and those who are "first-to-market" will see higher returns than "late-comers".

ATTN: Serious Investors - We can provide you many ways to earn profit (ROI = Return on Investment). There are many, multiple, and simultaneous ways to make money in precious metals, energy, and food/agricultural commodities.


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